As of July 2020

  • CUSTOMERS are only permitted to use the kart racetrack and e-karts in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. The CUSTOMER undertakes to carefully read the regulations on the use and operation of an e-kart before using it and to act solely in accordance with their instructions. Furthermore, the CUSTOMER undertakes to carefully watch the training video and to sign the waiver in accordance with point 6 before using the e-kart for the first time. For minors, the special provisions as described below also apply.
  • The CUSTOMER may use the kart racetrack (incl. e-kart) solely during the opening hours of KARTING LINZ and only within the scope of the availability of the kart racetrack and with the purchase of a racing licence, subject to a fee, which must be renewed annually. Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, the prices and terms of payment posted at the time of use or visible on https://booking.sms-timing.com/rotaxmaxdome/book/product-list shall apply, which also include the respective duration times. Upon prior request and on the basis of a separate written agreement, the kart racetrack incl. e-karts and the associated rooms can be rented by the CUSTOMER for events and functions.
  • Minors are only permitted to use the kart racetrack and e-karts if the legal guardian has signed the T&Cs and the waiver in accordance with clause 6 on behalf of the minor prior to the minor using the kart racetrack and e-karts. The relevant waivers can be downloaded from the website at the following link www.rotaxmaxdome.com/linz/einverstaendniserklaerung – a hard copy is also available at the reception.
  • The use of the kart racetrack is only permitted if the CUSTOMER
    • The use of the kart racetrack is only permitted if the CUSTOMER is at least 14 years of age or, in the case of rides in Kids Race Mode, is at least 10 years of age (Kids Race Mode can be booked on Family Race Day [Sundays only], on every first session of the day [in line with opening times] and on request)
      (see also clause 'Special measures for the "Kids' Programme" for persons over the age of 10 and before the age of 14');
    • is at least 145 cm tall, but no taller than 220 cm;
    • has a maximum weight of 120kg;
    • wears a full-face helmet with hair bonnet and closed helmet band (private helmet only with appropriate road approval), regardless of age group;
    • The use of the kart racetrack is only permitted if the CUSTOMER wears a neck brace and a rib protector, provided that they are over 10 years of age but not yet 18;
    • wears closed sturdy shoes and shoes without heels, wears or uses a suitable visual aid in case of visual impairment.
  • The use of the kart racetrack including e-karts is forbidden to the CUSTOMER without exception, in particular if the CUSTOMER
    • suffers from heart, head, neck or spinal problems, epilepsy, fatigue, nervous disorders or similar health impairments which affect the ability to drive the e-karts, even if only slightly;
    • is pregnant;
    • is not in a completely sober state or is under the influence of drugs or other substances that impair the ability to drive and/or concentrate, even if only slightly;
    • wears piercings and/or earrings that may cause injuries when putting on or taking off the helmet or may impair the protective effect of the helmet;
    • wears jet helmets, braincaps, bicycle and ski helmets or similar headgear as well as loose long hair;
    • wears loose and/or flapping clothing such as scarves, shawls, ties, chains and the like, overalls with outer pockets and/or buckle fastenings, (buckle) belts or other straps or loose hanging decorations;
    • is carrying loose objects (e.g. mobile phones, various sharp objects, etc.);
  • Special measures for the "Kids Race Mode" for children aged 10 to 14:
    • The maximum speed of the e-karts is limited to 20 km/h.
    • The maximum speed of all e-karts participating in the Kids Programme per race (session) is 20 km/h
    • In the Kids Programme, e-karts are not permitted to be driven at higher speeds. 
    • Monitoring and adherence to the maximum speed is carried out via corresponding software settings
  • The CUSTOMER is also prohibited from using the equipment without exception if there is a reason equivalent to the circumstances described above which prevents the equipment from being used as safely as possible.
  • The CUSTOMER is advised to use a seat insert and to wear gloves, and persons over the age of 18 are also advised to wear a rib protector.
  • The protective equipment (e.g.: full-face helmet, back protection, neck protection and seat insert) and overalls can be rented from KARTING LINZ at the current conditions for the duration of the use of the kart racetrack.
  • The CUSTOMER may not choose an e-kart model. The kart racetrack staff will allocate an e-karts model according to availability at the time of the start of the race.
  • Unless the CUSTOMER rents the kart racetrack in accordance with clause 2.2, it is to be expected that the kart racetrack will be used by several customers at the same time.
  • In case of contamination of the e-kart and/or the borrowed protective equipment (e.g. nausea), a lump sum of € 150 will be charged for cleaning and disinfection.