Seminar Room

Our separate seminar room offers you the space you need for your seminars or workshops:

  • Space for up to 50 people (100m2)
  • Air conditioning and presentation technology
  • Lights can be dimmed
  • Ideal for meetings, workshops, team building events or presentations
Take advantage of our offer and hold your next meeting, workshop or seminar on our premises.
Fun, action and teamwork.
The perfect environment
for your next staff event.
Rotax SONIC E-Kart
Rotax SONIC E-Kart

Track & Tunnel -

your first-class driving experience. 


The track - open track and full throttle!

Equipped with your high-performance racing outfit and plenty of energy and anticipation, you're ready for your ultimate racing experience on our unique track. Our spacious two-level e-kart racetrack is 400m long and up to 8m wide and creates the perfect environment for your unique racing experience. To ensure more safety and a genuine racing feeling, up to 10 Rotax Sonic e-karts can be on the track at the same time. In addition, our two-level e-kart racetrack is equipped with a special surface that ensures the best possible traction between the tyres of your Rotax Sonic e-kart and the racetrack.


the tunnel – augmented reality paired with driving fun.

In cooperation with Ars Electronica Futurelab, we have designed a thrilling 50m tunnel that promise a unique racing experience and exciting surprise effects. The tunnel is interactively integrated into the race and features a modern light and sound system. Virtual elements in the tunnel are visible through projections on the floor and walls, transporting you into a completely new, interactive world. In addition, there are various tunnel games for you to play in the tunnel. By solving the virtual tasks in the tunnel and earning the additional MAX Boosts in the tunnel, you can collect more points and improve your race result or activate your e-karts' boost mode to maximise your performance on the track.