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Old walls in a modern setting

The Fleischmarkthalle in Linz was built in 1928 by the then director of the city's building department, Kurt Kühne, and at the time of its construction, "entirely in the tradition of the heroic phases of the buildings of labour", it was considered the largest and most modern wooden hall in Austria (90.4 x 34.3 metre pillarless hall in free span). After bombing, which led to the collapse of the structure, the hall was rebuilt as a steel skeleton structure in 1949. The listed building is now being revived and converted into one of the most modern, unique e-kart halls in the world.

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In cooperation with Ars Electronica Futurelab, we have developed a completely new entertainment concept that is a world first. The 50 m long tunnel promises an unprecedented racing experience. Special projections on the floor and walls transport the racer into a new, interactive world.

In "normal" Race Mode, the tunnel amazes with light and audio effects, but in interactive mode, the racer can play various games that allow them to collect more points and thus improve their score, or activate the kart's Boost Mode.

In addition, a game world has been created outside the kart racetrack, with an interactive world of experiences that enable the racer and their crew to influence the race result by earning extra points. But there are also plenty of opportunities for walk-in visitors, who don't want to use the kart racetrack, to immerse themselves in the interactive world of games or use one of the countless other entertainment stations.



Racing is embedded in Rotax DNA – what could be more natural than to make this racing feeling palpable for everyone in an exciting environment? Together with proven partners, we created a concept that offers a completely new world of experiences and combines different worlds of entertainment: racing, digitalisation, gamification, social media and e-mobility!

The Rotax MAX Dome and our low-emission e-karts are bringing karting back to the heart of the city – where visitors will also find a whole new world of experiences.
Pure enjoyment with 100 % racing fun with 0 % emissions on the track, featuring augmented reality and interactive elements in the visitor zone.

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