Pure fun

E-Karts & MAX Booost

No noise, no exhaust fumes – Rotax SONIC e-karts for 100% driving fun with 0% emissions. In addition, use the MAX BOOOST to improve your lap times by targeting it during your drive.

  • 24 Rotax Sonic e-Karts
  • 2 different kart settings: Sport & Rookie Mode
  • Activate MAX Booost and accelerate for 9 seconds
  • MAX Booosts can be played for, bought or earned
Deploy your MAX Booosts to be the first across the finish line. You can play for MAX Boosts in the GameRoom, discover them in the tunnel and, of course, buy them.
Feel the acceleration when you use the MAX Booost. One push and you feel the power.
The Mode
We enable you to customise your driving experience by choosing your own driving mode. From the age of 10, you can drive in Rookie Mode or from the age of 14, in Sport Mode.


More power at the end of your fingertips

Your drive becomes particularly interesting when you use the MAX Booost to generate additional acceleration and thereby ideally improve your lap times. The MAX Booost is one of the highlights of our state-of-the-art Rotax SONIC e-karts. You can earn additional MAX Boosts either in the tunnel by driving precisely, play for them at the MAX GameTable or simply buy them.



Designed specifically for the Rotax MAX Dome, the 24 Rotax SONIC e-karts are based on the successful Rotax Racing e-karts and provide an exciting, exceptional driving experience. The rigid rear axle drive concept gives you that extra sporty racing feel.



All Rotax SONIC e-karts have a Wi-Fi connection which allows them to be controlled by staff in the hall. During the race, the staff can slow down or stop the vehicle in dangerous situations. The racetrack's Wi-Fi connection and laser detection also determine the position of the kart and send this information in real time to the screens and the app. 10 e-karts can be on track at the same time, while the rest are being charged for the next race.

Rotax SONIC E-Kart
Rotax SONIC E-Kart

100% driving fun. 0% emissions –
e-karting at the Rotax MAX Dome. 

Electric mobility has ushered in a new era of racing in the Power Sport sector. Our Rotax e-kart engines do not emit harmful exhaust fumes or noise and, at the same time, guarantee driving fun and comfort. The performance of the Rotax e-karts impresses across the board. But why not see for yourself? Reserve your personal session on our spacious, two-storey e-kart racetrack or drop in to see us at the Rotax MAX Dome in Linz. Still have questions? Feel free to contact us

Go-kart or kart?

Go-kart, go-kart or simply kart – common terms that mean the same thing. However, karting at the Rotax MAX Dome is anything but common. Our 24 Rotax Sonic e-karts offer you an extraordinary racing experience on the two-storey kart racetrack with an interactive tunnel. 

Rotax Sonic e-karts – your race, your kart. 

Our 24 Rotax Sonic e-karts are fully electric racing karts specially designed for indoor use at the Rotax MAX Dome. The Rotax Sonic e-karts are based on our successful Rotax Racing e-karts and provide a racing experience on the track that is in a class of its own. 

MAX Booost – more power at the touch of a button.  

You're not just anyone, and you're not driving just anything. Even before you get into your Rotax Sonic e-kart, you can set your personal race mode for your kart. You can show off your racing skills on the kart track with our MAX Boosts, which give you extra acceleration and enhance your performance on the track. You can play for additional MAX Boosts at the GameTable or purchase them on site at the Rotax MAX Dome in Linz.