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If it's your first time at the Rotax MAX Dome, it's important for us that you know everything you need to know going into your first race. There are some rules and procedures that are important for an exciting and safe racing experience. Here you can find out about the racing guidelines and, if you are under 18, download a Declaration of Consent

Please note that you must be at least 145cm tall and 14 years old to use the kart racetrack. ATTENTION: the Kids Race Mode is available for children aged 10 years and older; it can only be booked on Family Race Day (Sundays only), on every first session of the day (in accordance with opening hours) or with advance booking.



For your safety during the race, our staff will provide you with the appropriate equipment (helmet and, for race events, racing overalls). In addition, you can rent a neck and rib protector (compulsory for under 18s). For hygienic reasons, you must wear a balaclava, which is available in the shop. We also ask that you wear sturdy shoes (shoes not available in the shop). Your own equipment must meet the necessary requirements: detailed information on this can be found in our T&Cs.



Each participant will first be filmed in the Greenroom to create an interactive avatar that will be linked to their personal profile. When racing in Rookie or Sport Mode, drivers are divided into categories and the kart performance is adjusted accordingly. Each driver must then watch a safety video before going out on the track for the first time.

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First time here with us? - download our app and sign up, create your race profile with personal avatar, get a video tutorial and the right equipment, and you're ready to go full throttle and have fun on the racetrack!
The avatars are used to display the ranking list during the race on the various screens in the hall as well as in the visitors' room and for real-time transmission via app.

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Download the free app to your smartphone and have all the information about free race times or interactive play capacities available at any time, and you can also book and pay for the desired slots via the app. You can also update your personal details at any time or choose a nickname and share your experiences or booked slots with your friends.

Download the free app here:

Rotax SONIC E-Kart
Rotax SONIC E-Kart


All Rotax SONIC e-karts can be controlled by the staff at any time due to the integrated connectivity. This means that the speed of the e-karts can be reduced at any time in dangerous situations. In addition, the position of the karts on the track is sent in real time to the screens and the Rotax MAX Dome app. 10 e-karts can be on the kart racetrack at the same time, while the remaining karts are being charged for the next race.


Appropriate clothing and professional equipment are a prerequisite for racing. This not only protects the racer from accidents on the track, but also provides the necessary comfort to feel completely in their element on the kart racetrack. To ensure maximum safety and fun while racing, we put a special focus on driving safety on the kart racetrack. Briefings by our staff, the compulsory safety video to be viewed before the start of the race, as well as our racing guidelines ensure that every racer has a safe, exciting and unforgettable racing experience. Furthermore, all drivers will be equipped with full-face helmets before starting their race. You must wear a balaclava under your helmet, which you can bring with you or purchase in the MAX Shop. Rib and neck protectors are also compulsory for those under 18 years of age and recommended for everyone else. We also recommend wearing long clothing and flat shoes when on our racetrack.